Tastemade and Delicious Cinema Win a Webby for HERITAGE featuring LEONA

Just a few short months ago, filmmaker Gab Taraboulsy came to us with a concept for shooting LEONA for a web series on Tastemade.

We heard him out, liked what we heard, shook hands and he came back a couple of weeks later. He was not alone. Five camera operators, PA's, and assistants came bursting out of a production van packed with equipment ready for lights, camera, and action. 

We shot over the course of the week at the restaurant and all about town at Hedley and Bennett, The Santa Monica Farmers Market, and even our friend Nate at Maggie's Farm. 

The resulting product was a beautiful short film that captured the excitement, the passion, the beauty and ideas around LEONA.

It should come as no surprise then, that we were excited to hear that Delicious Cinema won a WEBBY Award for the Heritage series People's Voice for Web Documentary Series.

Congratulations, gang. Make sure to watch the rest of the Heritage Series on Tastemade.