A Letter From Kristian

Happy Wednesday Friends!

This week we're celebrating a full year since we opened the doors to LEONA in Venice Beach, a neighborhood I've grown my family and called home for 15 years.

It had been a dream to open a restaurant with an original feel, an experience, one with a sense of place. LEONA started with a very simple vision: to bring a thoughtful and refreshing dining experience to our neighborhood. 

So... here we are, one year later.

In this short time we've accomplished what so many restauranteurs and chefs dream of in beginning this journey.

From serving regular smiling faces of the community to standing alongside thought leaders in the culinary arts, hospitality, entertainment, culture, technology, and beyond. We've been included in the 101 Best Restaurants in Los Angeles by renowned food journalist Jonathan Gold for the LA Times amongst so many accolades. We've traveled the nation as a team sharing our concept and cuisine, dancing together, snowboarding together, playing soccer, and now celebrating together. It really is a dream come true.

And with all of this, I am humbled and grateful. Today, I take pause to thank you all. I'd like to thank the neighbors, the family and friends, the guests, the press, the photographers, writers, and all of the local businesses, vendors, and members of the community that have supported us.

I am proud of my wife and partner, Breegan Jane Vallas who designed our beautiful space. I'm grateful to our team. To our partner and Chef, Nyesha Arrington who has inspired us with creativity, innovation, and her pure and natural talent creating food that "hugs you from the inside." To our manager Matt Bouvet and head of marketing Joey Rubin...  Thank you all, for all you've done.

It's been an amazing year, and now it's time to celebrate. We have special events going on through the week, follow us on on Facebook or Instagram to get all the announcements.

It's an honor to serve you all. Cheers to the future ahead.

Thank you,
Kristian Vallas
Owner, LEONA